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Core Public Service Pilot: describe public services only once

Governments use local, regional, and national access portals to give businesses, citizens, and public administrations basic information about their public services. Unfortunately, this basic information often duplicated, unstructured, and not machine-readable. This fragmentation makes it difficult for citizens, businesses, and public administrations to find information about the public service that they need. It also leads to situations where basically the same information about a public service is re-created in different applications or by different governments.

The Core Public Service Vocabulary allows public administrations to describe their service only once using a standard, extensible, and machine-readable vocabulary and make these descriptions re-used on many governmental access portals. This pilot implementation shows how this can be done using a Linked Data infrastructure for a small sample of public service descriptoins origination from various European public administrations.

Sample public service descriptions

From the SPOCS large-scale pilot:

From the Flemish Intergovernmental Product and Service Catalogue:

From the Irish Citizens Information portal:

From the e-CODEX large scale pilot:

Pilot report

Further information about this pilot is in the report:


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